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Onsite BizControl Service

In the process of deploying BizControl ERP system, customers have requested for professional Onsite Support services to ensure high level of up-time and quick turnaround in any problem faced.

This service has the following benefits:-

  • phyiscally available to address hardware caused issues (eg. server refuses to boot Database Server)
  • phyiscally available to train and talk to staff facing problem (ie. performing in-house IT techical staff tasks)
  • a face and number for the staff to call
  • Lower cost compares to in-house support staff
  • The most BizControl experienced service you can receive

This service has the following features:-

  • Extended to customers in Singapore who are using our BizControl ERP system
  • As our engineers can upgrade or resolve any issues when they are at the customers' location, they can work on any un-detected problem and resolves a combination of software and hardware problems.

If you have any question about Remote BizControl Services, please . Alternatively you can call us during office hours.

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