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BizControl© ERP

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  • Welcome to DBCSoft BizControl ERP's introduction page. BizControl ERP is the main product and platform of DBCSoft. It is a powerful business and operation management system developed by DBCSoft Pte Ltd locally in Singapore by Singaporean developer. It belongs to a class of software commonly know as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and contains many modules ranging from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to back-end Accounting.

    Based on a robust and stable Database Engine and easy to navigate interface, BizControl incorporates the essential elements that help companies function in day-to-day business, and stores all data into a database for data mining and reporting. It is highly reliable and can be further customized to suit different industries. Hence it works for SMEs businesses as well as MNCs, with customers also running it on a 24 x 7 basis in production environment.

    It serves the segment of general trading and pharma companies very well by having a very powerful and accurate set of Stock tracking capabilities.

    Through using BizControl ERP, our customers can reap many benefits:-

    • Productivity boost and cost savings
    • Prevent customer left in the cold when there is staff turnover
    • Maintenance of existing customers' business
    • Growth of sales from existing business
    • Expand into new market, especially regionally or globally through our Internet secure client access
    • Removes work bottleneck from a key post by allowing work sharing through tight Access Rights
    • Allow management to make informed decisions through SQL data-mining
    • Real time view of your company in all areas such as customers, suppliers, inventory control, financial etc.
    • Quick access of company information thus improving response and turnaround time
    • Seamless integration of company's operations

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