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BizControl© ERP Features

BizControl© Features

  • Powerful System Administration that Allow System Set-Up User Menu to be Fully Customizable
  • Password Protection
  • Distinct Security Level for e.g. Sales Manager A can only view Team A's performance whilst the GM can access to the overall Sales figures
  • Huge Database Capacity from 4GB to 128GB storage space per table
  • Leads Module to track Potential Customers in detail via History Log that therefore enable Proactive Management of potential Customers.
  • Able to Print Labels for envelope direct from database.
  • Different Interface for Customers that are either Corporate or Individuals.
  • Flexibility for e.g. Allowing Multiple Quotations to one Sales Order or vice versa
  • Multiple Sales Orders/Purchase Orders to one Delivery Order or vice versa
  • Multiple Delivery Orders to One Sales/Purchase Invoices or vice versa
  • Robust LookUp function that allows Searches to be done Accurately and Instantaneously
  • Advance Classification that allows up to 3-tier categorization for e.g. Country, Area, Industry
  • Up to 5 level Pricing Scheme
  • Unique and Customizable IDs for Customers, Suppliers, Leads, Employees, Stocks etc.
  • System Supported by a Robust Batch Accounting Module, caters for Reporting of Multi-Currency transactions amongst many other standard accounting functions
  • Hyperlinked to Customers/ Suppliers E-mail/ Website
  • User Friendly with Easy Navigation in User Interface
  • Data Repair Built-in Routine
  • SQL Report Designer allows Unlimited and Wide Array of Results/Reports Generation (optional)
  • SQL Data-Mining for In-depth Analysis Management Reporting and Decision-Making (optional)
  • Service to Import Existing Data (optional)
  • Self-Sufficient/Integrated Environment: Need Not Rely on External Software for Data or Report Printing
  • Customizable and Scalable at Source Code Level (i.e. Add New Modules, Functions, Bigger User Pool) and Availability (i.e. Robust System Resistent to Failure).
  • Affordable with No Hidden Cost
  • Fast to Implement - few days to a month, depending on organisational size.
  • Multitude and Comprehensive Features Packed into Single system
  • Complete Solutions for Front-end such as Sales or Receptionist as well as Back-end Office such as Accounting/ Finance and Human Resource can be tailored to different customers
  • State-of-the-Art Program as the system is programmed in Delphi, a C++ language equivalent, which runs at 5-30 times faster than the speed of Visual Basic (VB) based Softwares
  • Powered by High-End Relational Database (RDBMS) Engine; thus able to Sustain Vast Amount of Data which Can Retrieve at Very High Speed.
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