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BizControl ERP FAQ

BizControl Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • Is BizControl an Accounting Program?
    BizControl is a much larger system than typical Accounting System, and employs the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) concepts in the design of the system. It contains batched based accounting that can be tasked for day end automatic posting, and many other standard accounting system features. However while it automatically creates accounting entries in the background, it is designed to allow sales, store, management and other departments apart from accounts to work on the same system and avoid duplication of work effort and increase productivity.

    Can we buy from overseas if our company is not in Singapore? How can we be assured of the software delivery?
    Yes you can. Simply fill up the Sales enquiry Form and we will forward our Company's Banking details for your company's Telegraphic transfer of 5% of the system price. We will then delivery the software to your address together with a 1 month license. Upon receipt of the software, you can be assured of its functionality, and transfer the remaining 95% outstanding payment. Upon receipt of the remaining 95% payment we will issue a permanent license for the system. In this way our international customers need not worry about software delivery. If you are in Malaysia and Hong Kong (SAR of China), please note that enhanced support will be given as well due to our strong business presence in the 2 countries.

    How can we obtain support as International Customer?
    DBCSoft provides Software Maintenance Program that is renewed yearly for all customers. It encompasses all technical email support and free upgrades to the system, reporting, and database files.

    We have a very specific operation function in the company that requires a module that is not within BizControl© Standard. Can DBCSoft build the module for us?
    Yes we can develop the module for your company and link it into the BizControl as an integrated package.

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