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BizControl ERP Benefits

BizControl ERP Benefits

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  • Easy to Learn - Friendly interface, easy to learn and hence lower human resource training cost.

    Lower HR Cost - Lower human resource requirement, as there will be less repetitive work and also quicker work flow.

    Faster turnaround
    -Quick stock check, sales order creation, servicing etc status means quicker response to customer.

    Business Analysis
    - Apart from various orders, the system also prints out more than 100 reports, with powerful visual report designer to create new reports to suit your business needs.

    -Up to 200 real-time users can be login at the same time, and can be extended upwards.

    -Custom modules can be created and added, and existing modules can be modified to suit different companies.

    - Traditional ERP systems are complex and very expensive to deploy, however with BizControl the deployment and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced, while retaining the reliability and power of these kind of systems. BizControl gives companies big performance boast with value-for- money investment, with features that could cost many times more.

    Remote Access - Allow workers to work remotely. They can be physically in the office, at home, overseas, or in another building. As long they are connected to the Office LAN or via the Internet using VPN, with a client software they are just like in another room of the office. Your business operation will not be stopped by epidemics, natural disaster, or location disruptions with BizControl©. For example, You will be able to monitor overseas operations real-time without being physically there, while avoiding unnecessary travel.

    Security - Most importantly, your data is highly secure, with powerful two-way encryption during connection all the time. No longer do you have to worry about web-browser-based applications that can be hacked into via Web Server, Database Server, Flash and other points of failure. With BizControl all these fears goes away.

    Support - With DBCSoft BizControl Software Maintenance Program, your company will be provided with free software updates and technical email support.

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