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Client Resource: 10 Objections and Reasons Why SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) Needs to Adopt BizControl ERP
1. Company is too small (1 to 5 persons) hence does not require ‘complicated’ software.
Reason to Adopt Bizcontrol
Small does not mean not forward-looking unless the company wants to remain small in size. But this aside, BizControl is a very user friendly and easy to use software. Why don’t you give your company a chance, to take a look and understand further, and be convinced that it is not complicated software? We promise no IT jargon used because we believe this is a business software programmed for the users not just IT experts and we believe it is the business that drives the company not IT.

2. Company is already very lean with only handful of staff.
Reason to Adopt Bizcontrol
We identify that all the more these companies need the software because this means that each individual in the company has multiple roles to play (either double up and back up) and in the event one has to opt out (voluntarily/involuntarily) then it is very hard to fill his or her gap with no historical tracer of the staff job. The software will allow the company to be system-centric not staff-centric. This will bring on one advantage that is the company will not be held hostage by any of its employees.

3. Company not willing to adopt because does not understand about IT software
Reason to Adopt Bizcontrol
This must never be the reason for not adopting the software. Why do governments of the world, and especially Singapore Government, ask for IT adoption? It is because of the threats involve if we remained stagnant and just want to do the old thing and earn lucrative margin as per the good old year especially pre-1997 financial crises. A lot of business landscape has changed, and company no longer can rest its laurel and still expect good margin/ deals to come by as per before. Now the company must be pro-active and place itself apart not just from local competitors but also companies from overseas. In years to come, the company that is forward-looking is more likely to survive and grow. This is a mindset change and with the requirement to re-skill happening around the world, nobody will be spared.
If you are only interested in the immediate future to just keep the company afloat and pass days is one thing, but if you want to grow the business or continue the business for future generations, then you should take all action to keep the company to remain resilient and thrive even during hard times.

4. Do not see the need to change or improve
Reason to Adopt Bizcontrol
Any company that does not change will be in great danger of being left behind. Try to understand why in any single industries, some companies grow from strength to strength while others wither away. That is because of the mindset of the management in their attitude towards change. Change is imminent and when you identify that change is a MUST then the timing of the change will be important to you. But when is the better time to change than NOW? Company must adopt these changes now rather then later because the earlier to adopt the software, the earlier the company will enjoy the fruits. The difference between a literate and illiterate in the future will be the ability of one to learn, unlearn and relearning. This catch phrase is apt for any company to survive from now on.

5. Do not like change and do not see staff adopting such changes
Reason to Adopt Bizcontrol
We would be naïve to say that any change will be readily welcome as nobody would like to step out of one’s comfort zone. Every change will sure to get its bouts of resistances, sometime from the staff because of the requirements to learn new things. However from our past experiences and studies have shown, that once the new changes are familiarized they will no longer be issues.

6. Will disrupt some business operation
Reason to Adopt Bizcontrol
Why want to retain old archaic way of doing business when can adopt a better and more efficient way to do business. Do not rest on the laurel and get comfortable with the ever-increasing/tighter competition around the world. Moreover if there are any business workflow or process that are peculiar to your industry, we will be to tailor it to suit your company’s need.

7. Do not like to use computer/ IT
Reason to Adopt Bizcontrol
Government exhortation to adopt IT is not without a reason because other companies around the world will continue to become more and more competitive. Hence each company needs to be more efficient and productive to produce their wares. Thus they can keep cost down whilst increase sales which translate to better profit figures by adopting IT. By adopting IT, it goes beyond just having computers in the company, ie. using them as high-end typewriters. It is very clear that successful companies like MNCs, listed companies are all using some sort of software system that is very much like BizControl. Why do they adopt the software is because there are values both intrinsic and extrinsic. These companies were once small before and how they can grow till their present state is something we have to learn. And adopting IT software is one of the many things that they did. For SMEs, our software BizControl can be scaled-down so that the SMEs will be able to enjoy the same benefits.

8. Cannot clearly see the value of adopting such software
Reason to Adopt Bizcontrol
Please try out our 6-month minimal rental of BizControl to see if it gives your company improved efficiency and productivity which leads to increase sales as we wish to attain for any of our customers. We want you to give your company a chance to believe that this is the best Return of Investment you can ever make. If you do not experience any benefits from the software, the 6-month rental will be terminated without further obligation and at no hidden cost.

9. No future in the business as no succession in place
Reason to Adopt Bizcontrol
There are numerous reasons that a business will have to fold-up and sometimes no succession is one of them. If it is inevitable, at times you can spruce up the company by computerizing your business and trading of your company data in the event of discontinuance. It is understandable that old traditional business may not have interested buyers taking over, but a forward looking ones with good governance will have good potential buyers and will thus get even better value. For e.g. like selling house, some sellers before selling will do up minor renovation so that they can fetch better pricing, and some at the end, love it so much that they continue to stay in the house for a long long time to come.

10. Costly
Reason to Adopt Bizcontrol
BizControl is a highly affordable software that our pricing structure will pleasantly surprise you. Please click here for enquiries. If it suits you, we may be able to tailor some financing packages for you. In addition, we are able to assist in applying SPRING/PSB Grant or any other grant or subsidies.

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